Tuesday, April 18, 2006

For Fun

For everyone looking for a new name for their weblog, the Blog Name Generator will use your keywords or come up with something entirely at random. Let's see what they got for me:

Paperback Writer Vacancy -- the blog for when I'm out of town.

Paperback Writer World -- Sure, let me run it for a while.

Paperback Writer Notes -- P/U comet, dog food and Cin. Toast. Crunch from store.

Paperback Writer Silhouette -- Casting a funny-looking shadow since 1998

Paperback Writer Kingdom -- Not going to trade it for a horse, okay?

Paperback Writer Compulsions -- tempting, but . . . no, let's not go there.

Paperback Writer Maniac -- Cue the song from Flashdance! Perfect!

As usual, link brazenly lifted off The Generator Blog.


  1. I think the best ones for mine are:
    Halfhead Hole - inserting things at random since 2004
    Halfhead Gravity - If I'm heavy it's all Newton's fault

    The worst was: Halfhead Blog

    Hmm, yeah, lots of random word generation though went into that one.

  2. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Reader's Den Connection - Kinda the love shack, less the shack.

    Reader's Den Notes - Much better than Coles!

    Reader's Den Flow - Molasses or Ice, your pick.

    Reader's Den Compulsions - I think they meant “convulsions”

    Reader's Den Notes - Hey, is there an echo in here?

    Reader's Den Amnesia - I don’t remember this one.

    Reader's Den Conformity - Now this is getting insulting!

    Reader's Den Remedy - To fix the insult above.

    Reader's Den Phenomenon - Does this mean I can write a bestseller - or have John Travolta as a lead?

  3. I liked Defective Venus

  4. Reality Doesn't Live Here Genius - Hmm, I'm flattered. Although on second glance, that looks like sarcasm.

    Reality Doesn't Live Here Kingdom - What's that, a second-rate fantasy world?

    Reality Doesn't Live Here Perversions - Anyone looking for perversions on my blog will be sorely disappointed.

    Reality Doesn't Live Here Kingdom - Boy, they like this one.

    Reality Doesn't Live Here Forgery - Yeah, accusing myself of plagiarism... that's a good idea...

  5. Anacronyms Anarchy
    Anacronyms Womb
    Anacronyms Piehole

    Err... I don't really know what to say.

  6. I like Lost Fort Skeleton, Lost Fort Void and Lost Fort Chaos.

    The first might attract some more crime writers. :)

  7. None of mine were flattering. LOLOL. It suggests:

    Mary Stella...

    Romance Author Complex (Like authors aren't insecure enough. Now we've got a complex.)

    Romance Author Void (I'm lost in it right now.)

    Romance Author Morsels (Nestled deep in my heart.)

    Romance Author Perversions (Geez, even Blog Generator thinks romance authors are pervs.)

    Romance Author Dissociation (I refuse to be connected to that blog.)


  8. You know... some of these are really disturbing.

    Who wants to visit THIS mortuary...

    Scamps Vamps & Spicy Romance Mortuary

    Just going with ROMANCE was even worse..

    Romance Exposure
    Romance Existence
    Romance Pulse
    Romance Kingdom
    Romance Resurrection
    Romance Perversions
    Romance Rhapsody
    Romance Abstraction
    Romance Prodigy

    While Romance Perversions might have it's appeal, I think we'll stick with what we have.


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