Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Spirit City

Answer nine questions and the City-o-Meter will decide where your spiritual home is. My (laughable) results:

I suppose it's not entirely ludicrous; I grew up in a Cuban-American community, and I still do love all things Cuban. Well, except the current regime running that nation, they can go burn in Hell. So until they do, I think my spirit will be much more content to dwell in Little Havana.

Where is your spiritual home? Take the test and let us know in comments.

(Test link filched from Gerard at The Presurfer.)


  1. Mine is Montreal, which is funny because I really do like the city.

  2. 57% Seattle! Yep. Although I like being on this side of the ferry.

  3. Fran K10:20 AM

    London! Bang to rights too because I live about 50 minutes away from London (by train) and I love "taking a bolt to the village" (Georgette Heyer reference sneaked in there). I thought the question about what you prefer to have on the streets kind of weird though.

  4. I came in at 56% Denver, which is pretty funny since I live in Colorado and am only about 2 hours away. Apparently, I'm right where I belong! Good to know.

  5. 91% Toronto. Which is where I live. ( though if you ask me my heart really belongs in Amsterdam)

  6. Anonymous8:55 PM

    53% Milwaukee. Odd because I've never been there. But it sort of makes sense, it is not THAT far from Minnesota. Stranger yet, hubby ALSO got Milwaukee at 56%!


  7. I got 78% Seattle, and I suppose that's close enough, cuz even though I'm closer to Portland, I'm only about 4 hours out from Seattle, and on the Washington side of the river these days. And that's close enough for the Northwest.