Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Off (But Call Me Tellervo)

I'll be mostly offline today so I can run errands, catch up on housework and take care of all the things that seem to multiply whenever you go out of town. Like laundry. Who knew my empty hampers would fill up by themselves while we were away? So that your stop here was not entirely wasted, check out this neat name generator I spotted over at The Presurfer:

According to, "Finland is a country where things are based on nature and old mythology. Even people’s names are inspired by the woods, animals and mythological characters." They've also set up the Finngenerator, a name-changing generator to help you try and find your inner Finn -- which I did:

So now you must address me as the daughter of a forest god, who is or is on a slope (is that a fancy way of saying I'm diagonally parked in a parallel universe?) If you give the generator a whirl post your results in comments.


  1. SAMPO — The magic mill in Kalevala that creates riches
    RUOHOLA — Grassy

    I would say that in my good fortune and ability to create opportunities for myself, this is a fitting name. Except for gardening! I have tried and tried but have not created riches on my lawn let alone a proper broccoli crown :-(

  2. Fran K9:55 AM

    My name is MIELIKKI OTSOLA. Mielikki is "a woman spirit of the forest" and Otsola "home of bears". Well at least they go together. You know, I quite like it!

  3. Pihla Lampi. Pihla =rowan tree Lampi =pond

  4. Tuuli Kallio...which means Windy Rock. Huh. What does that mean? Tuuli is very close to my actual name...I was hoping for something different, more goddess-like. Ah well...

  5. LOL!!!!
    The generator has spoken.
    From now on you are called:
    Virva Mesikämmen
    Virva — Mysterious light, will-o'-the-wisp
    Mesikämmen — One of many synonyms to bear

  6. Cute. My first name is now Suvi, which means Summer. That's the name of my dog!