Sunday, July 01, 2018

Checking In

I'm going to keep the blog on hiatus for a while longer -- probably until August or thereabouts -- but with all the recent personal drama I thought I should check in and let you all know I'm okay. My eyes are still working great. I have a lot of family stuff going on at the moment, and work is also keeping me very busy.

The rest you know because you're also dealing with the evil and dark out there. I wish I knew what to tell you. All I can suggest is that however you can, be kind to yourself and those you love. Be the light.

As creative therapy I've been taking a couple of hours each night to work on the Zen Garden/Demon Quilt project. As you can see in the pic it's slowly progressing. Still looks like Minecraft, but there you go. I hope to have it finished by the time I start posting again.

Have a good summer, and see you once I sort out everything.


  1. Happy summer, Lynn. I love your stitchery patterns!

  2. Glad to know you're still ticking along. Have a good summer too. I do like the little pops of green.

  3. Sometimes I feel my life parallels yours. We've had a rough go lately too. I was going to write you a few days ago, but I had an accident that left me confined to bed. I'm getting better though. No broken bones, just badly sprained. :)

    Glad you checked in. Take care, hon.


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