Tuesday, January 02, 2018

On Hiatus

Creativity really is like water. It ebbs and flows, trickles and floods, and can be anything from a gentle shower to a roaring tsunami. I've often thought of mine as a fountain; probably why I'm so drawn to them in real life. My creativity constantly cycles from a basin of dreams, inspiration and joy. If I lose sight of any of those three things, the supply starts to evaporate.

2017 taught me that the more you use your creativity, the more you need to find new sources to replenish it. There is endless inspiration in the world, but you need time to recognize it, absorb it, and learn from it. Likewise you also have to keep your creativity protected against anything that will pollute it. Toxic influences can end up poisoning everything you try to do.

That said, you can't wall yourself up in an ivory tower and tell everyone never to darken your door again. Creative people need each other. Almost everything writers do has to be accomplished alone. Having someone who deals with the same thing to talk to makes it less lonely. You feel part of something bigger than yourself when you have a circle of friends who understand you. We all need that person who gets it, even if it's just one friend. We can offer the support that they need, too.

In the year ahead I hope you all take some time to nurture your creativity as well as doing the same for others. If you can find the right balance of the two, there's nothing that will get between you and your goals.

Now I'm going to take some time off to replenish. It won't be five months this time, I promise. I just need a decent break from the internet. I'll check in now and then, and When I get back I'll have a full report.

See you once the fountain is back up to the brim.


  1. I look forward to reading about your new projects. :-)

  2. Enjoy your time away!

  3. A new year is a good time for a break. Have fun and replenish those batteries.

  4. Enjoy, but don't let it be too long. I want to see what you've been up to. :o)

  5. Have fun! :-) All the best, and come back refreshed and raring to go!

  6. Anonymous11:21 PM

    Breaks can be a great thing. Enjoy.
    Ron B


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