Monday, November 06, 2017

NaNoWriMonday: Week One

The first week of National Novel Writing Month went pretty well for me. I hit my counts almost every day, and doubled up on last Saturday's in order to participate in the official double-up day. I like what I'm getting on the page; Emma is as strong a protagonist as ever. I plan to go to another real-life write-in or two this week.

What I'm struggling with is being so far outside my comfort zone. Writing-wise, I prefer to be alone in my bat cave getting the work done. I'm fighting that desire every day, tooth and nail, as I try to join in with the local writing community, at least for the next month. It's not that I dislike socializing as much as a sense of being on display. People are suddenly paying attention to me when I'm usually invisible. Actually if I were invisible I'd be a lot more social. Anyway, I'm not going to cave into it, but it is a real challenge.

Also, the reason I'm so late posting today: evidently thanks to a malevolent Windows automatic update, I now can't get anything uploaded to my Google Docs account. Once I have time to spend the obligatory eight hours chatting with the help people while they have me do things that don't resolve the problem, I'll try a restore. But in the meantime, updates on Haunted House Style will have to remain in the holding queue until we figure this out.

How is NaNoWriMo going for you? Let us know in comments.


  1. Windows updates give me hives!

    I had just gotten my computer when it asked to update to Windows 10. I asked the Best Buy geek to disable the app that made it want to update to Win 10. After the horror stories I'd heard from other people, I'm glad. I certainly don't miss it.

    As for your update, you might want to ask the Help Desk if they can show you how to revert to the old version, at least temporarily until they figure out why Google Docs isn't talking to the update.

  2. I've been doing well. I'm rebelling this year with a re-write of an old project. It's interesting because the program I use (yWriter) counts everything I delete as well as what I write. It causes a lot of negative wordcount days, but I'm not letting that bring me down.

  3. I get the wanting to be alone. I'm not a fan of writing in groups.
    I don't know what window's update there was that would be causing issues, but I'm on 10 and have had no issues at all so far. I know for a while Chrome wasn't so happy working on 10, but it seems to have stopped having an issue. I normally use Firefox or Opera as browsers.
    Word count wise I'm doing well and I'm a rebel too. I picked up a project in need of finishing. 13557 new words so far.

  4. I'm struggling today and yesterday as well. My brain has suddenly turned to mush. But I'll keep plodding along. I'm not focusing on 'winning' as much as just the habit of writing every single day.


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