Monday, September 25, 2017

All You Need

My daughter took these two pictures after returning to college; Hurricane Irma was responsible for the second.

Much to no one's surprise the world didn't end on Saturday. Having lived through about a dozen predicted Apocalypses I wasn't worried. Not like I could have done anything to stop a giant shadow planet from smashing into the Earth anyway.

I can do plenty of other things. Write. Quilt. Last night I brought my kid her favorite grapes and three little pumpkins so she can decorate her tiny apartment for Fall. Today I'm writing, vacumming and mopping the floors, and knocking out the laundry while my guy continues to cut up tree debris and washes the dogs. Tonight I'm making homemade stir fry for dinner. That's all I think about, versus the Apocalypse, I mean. The Apocalypse is not on my to-do list.

The graffiti is right, you know. All you need is love.


  1. Wow! I hope that walkway is fixed soon. At least most of it is still standing, though. That's good. :)

  2. You never know. Hurricane Irma could be responsible for the first. :)

    re: world ending
    Ha! And why is it they ALWAYS occur in the fall? I'd like to think it plays on man's species' memory when our ancestors used to worry as their days got shorter and shorter.

  3. I might have welcomed the apocalypse considering how sick I've been since last Monday. Saturday, my left ear started getting infected from whatever I have. I was tempted to stab myself with an ice pick to release the pressure, but waited instead. Today, the earth is still here.

    So is my horribly infected ear :(

  4. Oh! What a beautiful site for a college!!! I want to live there; Texas is too flat for this mountain girl, and what Texans call trees, I'd call bushes.

    I hope the walkway is repaired quickly.


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