Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Hiatus Extended

Just checking in to let everyone know I'm fine, and still hard at work wrapping up a big project for one of my clients. After this one I have to jump right onto another one, too. Bottom line, I will be on hiatus for at least a few more weeks; possibly longer.

Of interest to writers who never think about what their heirs might do with their private work, author Margaret Forster's personal diaries are being posthumously published by her widower.

Anything you write is up for grabs after your death, and often becomes more valuable to boot. Maybe the author wouldn't have minded; after all her family will profit from it, and evidently she was quite devoted to them. Or maybe she wanted them kept just for family reading. The sad part is that no one can ask her now.

So, another PBW classic reminder: if you have something you've written that is not intended for public consumption, best burn it now while you're still kicking.


  1. I was just thinking about some old love letters, wondering if I should burn them. Not that I plan to become famous any time soon, but I'd rather not share my teenage love life.

    Hiatus away. :)

  2. Love your stories. I look forward to reading the next book.

  3. The photo is amazing! Your work? You are so creative in every way.

  4. Anonymous11:25 PM

    Too true. I destroyed my 16 plus journals a few years back. That's not who I want the world to know. Enjoy your hiatus.
    Ron B


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