Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Third Nest

The doves are at it again -- for the third time this year, no less.

This morning I crept out to take some shots of Papa hanging out with Mama.

He seems to be a good Dad, too, as he's never too far away, and visits Mama and the nest frequently. And yeah, he smirks at me, too, but being quite possibly the most fertile dove in existence, I guess he's got the right.


  1. I was wondering if they were going to come back again

  2. Since we're still getting snow here, I think that's an absolutely beautiful sight, lol.
    And I'm waiting for the sci-fi story that begins, "The nests certainly looked normal enough..."

  3. Fran K5:41 AM

    He has that look in his eye, doesn't he? Great to know that spring has sprung in somewhere. Like Raine, we are also still getting snow and its so cold, totally unlike this time last year when it was so warm we were in T-shirts .. ..

  4. I'm with Raine. When are we getting a story from this?

  5. You got some great photos again this time, Lynn. The doves are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Anne V.9:43 AM

    Those two are prolific! Aren't they suffering from exhaustion yet? ^_^

  7. I think this pair are singlehandedly trying to insure the dove population thrives! Three times already and it's barely Spring? Wow...

  8. Susanne12:08 PM

    Don´t let them fool you - behind the innocent gruuuu gruuuuu and the dovey smiles hides a evil mastermind ready to take over the world!


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