Sunday, August 01, 2010

Cherijo Arrives

It's here.

Dream Called Time, the tenth and final StarDoc novel, is now available online and in stores. If you enjoy science fiction, would like to know how I wrapped up the series and support PBW in the process, I hope you'll check it out.

The novel is dedicated to the people who kept me and StarDoc going, and today I'd like to share that dedication with everyone:

This book is for
all the loyal
StarDoc readers out there.
It took ten years for us to make this journey
through constant hardships
and endless heartaches,
but while I chose this path,
you never once let me
walk it alone.
Thank you.


  1. Congratulations, Lynn!
    A lot to be proud of there. :)

  2. I got my copy in the mail and I am LOVING it so far! As always, amazing job! This series has probably the most unique story since Orson Scott Card's Ender series and I have greatly enjoyed losing myself in Cherijo's world. Thank you for all of your dedication to this series. :)

  3. Bittersweet... I'm almost afraid to read it. I want to know the end, but I don't want to see the end.

  4. Congratulations! And Happy Release day! :)

  5. Anonymous3:14 AM

    I must say I am so sad the series is coming to an end. I have been a Stardoc fan for a while now reading all the books except for Rebel Ice, I just couldn't wrap my head around it, sorry. Your creativity with the characters is so fascinating to me and I thank you for creating such a great series. I'm not much of a reader but once I began reading the Stardoc books I COULD NOT PUT THEM DOWN!!! You are truly a great author!!! Thank you. Even though you say this is the last book in the series, maybe someday you'll come out with another Stardoc novel...I can only hope.

  6. Online where? Sony reader store doesn't have it, Amazon says not until Aug. 3. *considers trip to The Big City Bookstore*

  7. Charlene wrote: Online where?

    B& started shipping the print book about a week ago, and according to their site you can get the e-book version (probably just for Nook) right now.

  8. It's here...and it's awesome. Thank you so much for these books, Lynn. They are amazing.

  9. Squee! Time to place my book order! Yay.

    Just one thing... you're going to make me cry, aren't you. =op Oh well, I need to open up the waterworks every once in a while. Congratulations on the whole series, Lynn. It's one hell of an accomplishment.

  10. Congratulations, Lynn!

    Love and hugs to you and Cherijo!

  11. I wanted to say thank you for not giving up.

    Sniff. I ordered this book months ago from B and N, but I didn't realize they would hold up the stardoc novel until another book on my list came out. And that won't be Aug 24. I might have to buy a digital copy from Amazon on the 3rd because I'm just itching to read this.

  12. Anonymous11:55 AM

    My Nook states it is not available for download. August 3rd is the date for Nook. So, I wait or just go to the bookstore.

  13. I know this is a bitter-sweet release for you, Lynn, but I'll say congrats anyway on a wonderful and long running series. You've managed something a lot of authors wish they could and that's longevity with loyal fans.

    (besides, there's always the possibility of adding pages to your blog here and letting us in on even more! ;o) )

  14. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Congratulations on the completion of a great series! I pray you continue to write Sci/Fi novels as there are so few good SF writers anymore that can capture and hold my attention. So far, everything I have read of yours, has managed to keep me an avid reader.

  15. Woohoo! Congratulations. :D Completing a book series is definitely a major accomplishment...kudos to you for having the patience and determination and passion to finish it! By the way, the book cover looks really neat. :)


  16. Anonymous10:13 PM

    I just found Stardoc this past summer and am waiting for my b-day present of an e-reader which then I'll make my first purchases of all the stardoc novels :) I LOVE your novels Bio Rescue and Afterburn as well. You have created an amazing and realistic sci-fi worlds and beings. Very enjoyable, thank you!

  17. It's going to take almost three months for me to lay my hands on it (a friend coming from the States will bring it to my hemisphere), but it will be worth the wait :)

  18. Happiness and sadness -- especially when a wonderful journey comes to an end and it was a wonderful one.

    Until the next one... Congratulations

  19. I picked up my copy July 25th (My local bookstore always has ONE copy a week or so before release). Because I was in the middle of moving I was unable to read it in 24 hours like every other release. So I just finished the book 10 minutes ago. I don't want to give anything away, but I am happy and ANGRY.

    It's not that it was not written well, and I am certainly thankful for chapter 20 being added, but OMG!!! I am so sad and disappointed at what you did.I had hoped there may be some short stories or other books like Blade dancer that would touch base on Cherijo in the future, and keep us up to date, but things will never be the same again.

    PS I will still look at my complete series on my bookshelf with happiness and pride, no matter what. I am off to start from book one again.

  20. I appreciate all the kind words, folks, and even the angry ones, Atari Kid. I know they all come from the heart.

    In a perfect world, I would have been able to write as many StarDoc novels as I originally intended. I probably would have kept writing them until my own story came to an end. My readers would have had many more books to read. But Publishing is not a perfect world, and while I know I won't make everyone happy, this series has been through enough battles. So have I.

    The two things I wanted to do, which was finish Cherijo's story for the readers who have stuck with me all these years, and see to it that no one else could help themselves to it or fiddle with it after I'm gone, I accomplished. If I drop dead tomorrow, one of my last thoughts will not be "Oh, God, what are they going to do to StarDoc?" I can't begin to tell you what a comfort that is to me to know the series is safe from anyone who would try to use it for themselves.

  21. Thanks, Lynn - I'll pick it up at a bookstore tomorrow!

  22. Thanks for share,This series has probably the most unique story since Orson Scott Card's Ender series and I have greatly enjoyed losing myself in Cherijo's world.

  23. I've really enjoyed the StarDoc series (thank you!) and am sad to see it end... especially since I'm very, very confused about 1 big plot point and semi-confused about a teeny detail in this last book...

  24. Lisa (Laithis)12:42 AM

    Just posted a review of the book on the B&N website. Absolutely fantastic! Such an outstanding way to end the series!

    (*sigh* if it MUST end, that is....)

    Seriously, it felt absolutely right. As much as I love Cherijo, the story arc felt ready to complete. And I just loved the way you did it, too. Though I'm with B.E. Sanderson - I was SOBBING through the first third of the book!

    Very satisfying.

    Thank you.

  25. Does anyone know if there are plans to release books 3-4 and 6-7 as ebooks? I have the others on an e-reader and would really like to keep them all together in one "place."

  26. Just wanted to mention here that my books (both Crystal Healer and Dream Called Time) made it home way in advance. Of course, this is a time of the year I'm swamped with work and can't do much reading (nor cleaning). Still, it's very nice to have them right here.

    On a side note, for reasons unbeknownst to me, they found a place between Asimov's Foundation series and Darwin's The Descent of Man.


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