Monday, January 15, 2007

No Purchase Necessary Ten

Ten Things That Will Cost You Nothing

Freeware caution: always scan free downloads of anything for bugs and other threats before dumping the programs into your hard drive.

1. Easily save web content to a clipboard for offline viewing and use with AmazeCopy freeware.

2. eSnips offers 1GB of storage to keep private, make available to a group, or go public with your web snippets, links, pics, audio, video, documents and files. Registration required, but membership is free (this seems like it would be a good, cheap way to store extra copies of your important files away from your home or office location.)

3. A small app freeware that allows you to print multiple PDF files in one batch; Multiple PDF Printer.

4. PBWiki allows you to make a web page that can be edited by multiple people (thanks to Jean for mentioning this one.)

5. Yet another WordPad replacement freeware, QJot, is being billed as "a relatively small, completely USB portable, alternative rich text editor that saves .doc files, inserts images and more."

6. Make snazzy graphics for your documents or web pages with Rockin' Text freeware.

7. Create your own tiled backgrounds with the very cool online paint/generator, The Tile Machine (I played with this one; you can see my first attempt in the gallery, listed under Paperback Writer.)

8. Use your words to create typo poster-styled art with ladyK's TypoGenerator (this is a great tool for creating concept art for e-book covers and promo but, like Dreamlines, very addictive.)

9. Custom design the wallpaper for your desktop online with Wallpaper Generator 2007.

10. Need more wiki? Have a look at the wiki-style notepad/organizer freeware Wikidpad.

Also, if you're in need of a great book about writing professionally, but don't have room in the budget this month to buy one, check out the e-book version of Mugging the Muse: Writing Fiction for Love AND Money by Holly Lisle. It's immensely helpful, wonderfully written, and absolutely free.


  1. Anonymous12:30 AM

    I second that! I downloaded Holly Lisle's book and it has helped me astronomically! That book was my salvation from some very poor stories. I can't say that they're much better, but at least they flow easier to me.

  2. Anonymous1:57 AM

    It won't let me get the free book without buying something else.
    The last step says it costs $0.00 and you have to go to Paypal; I don't have a Paypal account and even though I put my info in it says I have to have an order more than $0.00.
    I guess I'm too poor or stupid learn how to be a writer. :(

  3. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Thanks for the heads-up on the link snafu, Anonymous. You can download the book via the links here. I'll change the link in the post to this one to eliminate the problem.

  4. Anonymous9:30 AM

    TypoGenerator looks really cool, as does pbwiki.

    Mac users can find a progam analogous to Wikidpad over at It's called Voodoopad Lite and is an awesome bit of freeware.

  5. Anonymous10:41 AM

    I've been using pbwiki as a worldbuilding tool. It's great fun. If anyone's interested, check it out:

    It's VERY easy to use and free. And it will hopefully be a fun extension to the book (when it comes out) for readers. They can see the bulk of my worldbuilding for the Terra/Nova series.

    (my one issue is trying to keep the info relatively spoiler-free!)

  6. I have my PBWiki going (I'm keeping it private for now), but now I wonder if the Wikidpad might be more appropriate -- it even has Getting Things Done (GTD) code to go with it -- and that's what I'm experimenting with in my PBWiki -- a slightly different method of employing GTD techniques.

    Thanks for the suggestions.

  7. I love PBWiki. You can also upload 12.5 MB of files for free, and make as many wikis as you want. I have a private one for each of my WIP's, to store links, worldbuilding information, and as backup for my drafts.

    That eSnips sounds really good too.

  8. I've read Mugging the Muse all the way through at least 3 times and I refer back to various sections on a regular basis. It's a fantastic free resource!

  9. The wallpaper one is pretty cool. I played with that one for a while and made some neat stuff. It also has links on it to other cool stuff, like an RSS button maker, etc.

    Next I'm off to check out the Rockin' Text. I think my dad would be big into this one.


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