Monday, July 31, 2006

Gaming Ten

Ten Things for the Game Lovers

1. Get a free demo download of Aveyond and a totally free download of Akriman's Prophecy at Amaranth Games, or try a free download of Haunted House 1.0 over at Acoders.

2. Dave Pelletier's Darvex's Roleplaying System helps you make not-for-profit real-time RPGs.

3. Professional game designer David Kennerly has an entire page of free resources on Game Script and Storyboard Creation.

4. Odyssey Online's Inscription Transcription Game is geared toward kids but lots of fun for grownups, too.

5. Michigan State University is about to go live with the public beta version of Ink, an online community writing/teaching game, on August 15th (ambitious and very promising, I'm following this project to see how it turns out.)

6. Interactive Fiction offers a quartet of freeware and free trial games: Dry Gulch, The Murderer, The Hollywood Murders and Dames Are Trouble.

7. Create your own text-based RPGs with Legendary Tales freeware.

8.'s Max Kalus offers NameGenerator, a freeware Java program that produces random names using semantic rules.

9. Download and play Realms of Despair, a multiplayer text-based interactive medieval adventure game (MUD) for free.

10. Digital Labs now offers an RPG set in 19th Century China, Taipan for Windows, as freeware.


  1. Oh I don't need any more games to make me slackass. *rofl*

  2. Thanks. I found something interesting in there. Smile.


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