Monday, September 26, 2011

Custom Ten

Ten Things You Can Design Online

Design your own bedding or pillows over at

UK clock maker allows you to customize the face of an analog clock with your own images and text.

Custom Clothing Designer has over 100 garments and accessories you can customize.'s 3D room planner helps you design a room online and view it in 3D.

Can't find a bumper sticker that fits you and your ride? Design your own here.

Make your own custom flower bouquet, centerpiece, or even a wedding cake online over at

For you hoof fashionistas out there, you can design your own shoes here (rather pricey to buy them, though.)

Make your dream garden with Better Homes and Gardens' online Plan-A-Garden designer (one hoop: to use it, you have to register for their newsletter.) has a free online designer to help you build the perfect logo.

Need to work out a custom wedding dress for your character? Design it online here.

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  1. Interesting ideas. Thanks for sharing.