Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Some Post LB&LI Notes

#1 -- I have to apologize to our pal Darlene Ryan, the links to her LB&LI workshops were not coded correctly and thus did not work (and I think this is the second time I've done this to Darlene, so she has every right to kick my butt for it.) I'm going to backtrack and correct all the links, but if you bookmarked the nonfuctioning ones I posted, please changer them to the correct links, which are:

Editing 101 by Darlene Ryan -- how to tackle re-writes without getting stuck.

Getting Started—Keeping Going by Darlene Ryan -- Finding the time and the words to start writing and keep on writing.

Darlene, I'm sorry I messed that up.

#2 -- LJ Cohen has uploaded her Poetry: Tools for the Novelist workshops in e-book format to Scribd*; you can check it out here.

#3 -- Charlene Teglia has done the same with her The Business of the Business workshops; now available as an e-book on Scribd* here.

# 4 -- The e-book version of my LB&LI workshops is also now available on Scribd.* The Scribd link for the World-building workshops companion e-book, It Only Took God Six Days is presently this, but we're going to take it down today and try to reload the e-book again to try to get rid of the cover art problem. In the meantime, I will keep the mirror link here up (this one is in .pdf format only for download but does not have the weird white line problem.)

#5 -- Finally, I promised that I would let you all know when the negotiations were finished, and they are. So, sold to NAL: two new novels set in the Darkyn universe but featuring a new cast and storyline. We haven't finalized many details such as the titles and so forth, but I will tell you that two of the characters in the first book will be Lucan and Samantha from Dark Need, Midnight Blues and the Juliana trilogy.

*Note 9/3/10: Since instituted an access fee scam to charge people for downloading e-books, including those I have provided for free for the last ten years, I have removed my free library from their site, and no longer use or recommend using their service. My free reads may be read online or downloaded for free from Google Docs; go to my freebies and free reads page for the links. See my post about this scam here.


  1. Big congrats on the double sale to NAL!! :)

  2. Not one but two new books set in the Darkyn world? Hey, all is forgiven.

  3. Congrats Lynn,
    This is sooo exciting! The anticipation is just killing me though!

  4. Congratulations re. #5, Lynn!!

    Fantastic news!! :)

    I just - finally - got around to buying the first Darkyn novel. (My way of saying 'thanks' for all the hard work you put into the workshops.) I can't wait to read it - can't believe it took me this long to start reading about your world.

  5. Lara Lee2:30 PM

    Congratulations! I'm happy to know that there will be more Darkyn books.

  6. YAY. I loved Dark Need. Lucan and Samantha are faves of mine. Happy to see more of them.

  7. Hopefully this isn't a double post but I got an error the first time, so, congrats and hooray for more Darkyn.

  8. I’m glad to hear you got the book deal, but What About The PONY!

    (I have my priorities)

    - Kris_W

  9. Checking in late today. And I get to the end and see - #5! More Darkyn! More Lucan! Congrats on the deal.

    Please say that your negotiations included the cover artist from Stay the Night.

  10. Yes! More Darkyn!

    Congrats, PBW!

  11. I'm thrilled that you signed a two book deal. Congratulations!

    That said, I'm with Kris_w. What about the pony? The puppies?

  12. Congrats! I knew you wouldn't be "unemployed" for long. I suppose Buddy nixed the puppy deal, eh? Or did you just forget to mention it?

  13. Congrats on the two book deal! I look forward to reading them both. :)

    Picked up OMEGA GAMES today and I can't *wait* to read it!

    Have a great rest of the week. :)


  14. Darkyn fan from Europe2:36 AM

    YIPPEE! More Darkyn!

  15. Anonymous7:39 AM

    Belated congrats :). Very belated (because the emails I send keep bouncing) - thank you very much for the book which not only have I much enjoyed, I've also told my friends and put on my 'you need to meet this writer' pile for one of them.

  16. #5 is great news! I can't wait to read them!

  17. Congrats on the sales, PBW :). Sorry I'm chiming in late; my brain fritzed out.